Tarraxinha & Kizomba Workshop with Kizomba RDU

By Kizomba RDU LLC (other events)

Sunday, September 13 2015 4:30 PM 6:30 PM

You've asked for it and we've answered! 

Join Kimberly Nicole of Kizomba RDU for a fun 2 Hour workshop designed to take your Kizomba to the next level. Learn how to move, lead and follow Tarraxinha like a professional!

Tired of being hurt on the dance floor by forceful leads?
Heard of Tarraxinha but didn't know how to lead/follow movements?
Want to learn body isolations  to achieve greater connection with your partner?
Don't know what to do during the slow beats in Kizomba? 

This  2 Hour workshop will cover:

- What Tarraxinha is and where the place for it is in Kizomba
-  Common tarraxinha movements that can be used to fill empty 
spaces when the music and steps call for it
- The do's and dont's of dancing Tarraxinha
- Exercises that will help dancers learn how to isolate 
certain muscles needed to dance Tarraxinha
- How you move your body and lead your partner (yes, men, you must move your bodies too!)
- Foundations and vocabulary of basic Tarraxinha movements 
- How to lead and follow Tarraxinha even without hands

Cost: $15 pre-registration | $20 at the door 

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About Kimberly Nicole:

Kimberly Nicole has been dancing Kizomba since 2012. She has traveled extensively to learn and train from some of the best Kizomba instructors from around the world, most recently training with Mestre Petchu and Vanessa (Portugual). Kimberly Nicole is known for sharing her knowledge and passion of sensual body movements in a fun and enjoyable way!